• American Tribes Project


    Administering a Revolutionary Arts Education Foundation for Indigenous Youth and Families

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    The Vision

    ATP will provide an expressive arts opportunity for Northern Cheyenne and all Indigenous Youth, instilling empowerment as integral to their success.


    Research demonstrates that artistic activities for developing minds has strong transformative implications. Artistic activities also instill discipline, fosters self-esteem, and nurtures new methods in mental problem solving processes.

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    The Mission

    ATP will provide our future leaders with adult mentors who posses relevant training and experience, ensuring for the strengthening of mind, spirit and skills.


    We build upon both traditional and contemporary arts to include: painting, sculpting, beading, drum making, music, literary expression and various dances. ATP will utilize expertise of People from all Nations in the creation of a brighter future through artistic expression. 


    We look forward to your participation in this process of opening the door to enhanced lives through cultural expression and preservation.
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    Current Projects

    • Acquisition of Hides depicting Tribal History, sanctioned by the Chiefs and Warrior Societies (Suhteao'o and Tsistsistas)
    • Curriculum Development for Cheyenne Youth


    • Preparation for the ATP Cultural Building


    • Provision of Art and Music Supplies to Participants


    • Returning Horses to Reconcile
  • "Flute Dreaming"

    Northern Cheyenne Flute Music

    "Flute Dreaming" CD

    "Flute Dreaming" CD

    "Flute Dreaming" was recorded at dawn. The birds sang their welcome songs as the vision emerged, the celestial melodies were accompanied by earthly overtones. Sit back and enjoy the composition as you experience ancient memories played into music.
    All proceeds go to the American Tribes Project (ATP)!
    Coming soon
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